🍅 VLOG – Vegan & Meat Eating Son 🍅 PIZZA at MOD’s, PET STORE, EGGS

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VLOG – Vegan & Meat Eating Son – PIZZA at MOD’s, PET STORE, EGGS. In this vlog, my meat eating son and I go out for pizza at MOD’s Pizza Restaurant. We stop in a pet store with LIVE animals and talk about eggs and buy some groceries. I became Vegan at almost 57 years of age and as a result, I’m getting healthier and more vibrant as a vegan everyday. This is my Vibrant Vegan journey with my non-vegan family.

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4 thoughts on “🍅 VLOG – Vegan & Meat Eating Son 🍅 PIZZA at MOD’s, PET STORE, EGGS

  1. That pizza looked so good . The only one they have in Nevada is in Reno. Next time I visit my son I’m going there. Have you tried the flavored chickpeas. Easy to make and they taste great Love your videos 😊

  2. Yum! Pizza is my favorite! I’m not a fan of mint chocolate chip, but I have heard that Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss has a really good one, as well as Nada Moo. 😀 Have a great weekend!

  3. I really loved this video! I live in a very small midwestern town and so far have not found the flax almond milk so still using and liking the unsweetened vanilla silk almond milk, I think in time it will get to our end of the world! Wish we had a pizza choice like Mod pizza…they both looked very good! Pet stores…..yes, very sad, no question… strongly dislike them! A shelter, rescue or humane center is the ONLY way to go. Thank you Donna!

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