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Introducing Candice’s legendary bean and cheese taquitos recipe that are not only good for super bowl game time appetizers, their good for anytime you need party food. FULL RECIPE:


Wondering what to serve all your hungry and quite potentially inebriated guests during the Super Bowl celebration? You don’t have to wonder any more. Candice has come up with yet another easy vegan recipe that even meat eating football lovers will gladly eat during the game. In short, this is perfect party food. Taquito’s are one of Candice’s favorite party foods of all time for a wide variety of reasons. One of the biggest ones being that they are a snap to make, require minimal ingredients, minimal cooking time, and taste amazing.


The first step in this recipe is to pre-heat your oven, just set it to 350′. Candice prefers to make her taquitos with corn tortillas. She says the crisp factor is much higher than any other type of tortilla and the flavor is quite complimentary to the rest of the ingredients. Take your tortillas and heat them in the oven for roughly 15 seconds each, just long enough that they become pliable. Once your corn tortillas are nice and soft stack them on a plate and get ready to assemble your taquitos.

Take a bowl of refried beans and spread a spoonful of them evenly onto the middle of each corn tortilla. On top of the beans add a tbsp or less of homemade cheese sauce. Remember this is a vegan recipe, no real cheese allowed. When you have your beans and cheese added roll up your tortilla creating a taquito and put a toothpick in it to hold it all together. Take your creation and put it on a plate for now. Repeat this process making 10 to 20 of these depending on how many people you’re expecting.

Take a baking pan, put some olive on it and spread it evenly. Lay your taquitos down onto the pan seam first as seen in the video. Brush each of these with some olive oil as well. You will then put these into your preheated oven for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes pull them out and flip them, then cook them in 5 minute increments and keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. You do not want them to burn, trust us.

While those are crisping up it’s time to get started on the sauce. You are already halfway there as you have already made your cheese sauce and surely there is some left. This is now dip. How easy was that? Your next dip is also an easy one to put together. You’re going to make creamy salsa dip. In a medium sized bowl add half a cup of vegan sour cream, a 1/4 cup of salsa, some diced jalapenos, and then just whisk it all together. Voila! You now have a creamy salsa sauce for everyone to dip their taquitos in. The last sauce is pretty much a necessary item with any Tex-Mex style meal. You need to make some guacamole. This is easy as well, just cut your avocado in half, remove the seed, cut out the insides and put them into a bowl.

Mash your guacamole with a fork until its fairly creamy then add in some diced onions, diced tomatoes, some freshly squeezed lime juice, and a bit of cilantro. Stir that all together well and take your taquitos out of the oven. Plate them with your sauce in dipping containers to the side and serve. Your guests will definitely be impressed, and you get to eat delicious taquitos.

I’m the Edgy Veg, a regular gal who wants you to be able to make delicious easy vegan recipes; whether you’re a veteran, becoming a vegan or just like vegan food! Hopefully my easy vegan cooking will help you love what you eat regardless of your food preference!

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  1. I haven’t had taquitos since going vegan! I seriously have to try these.
    It’s really hard for me to choose a recipe of yours to make. I seriously
    want them all. #foreverdrooling

  2. totally decided to make these…but I had leftover homemade sriracha hummus
    in the fridge and used that in place of the beans. THANK YOU!!!!❤💛💚💙💜

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