Coco-Rella | vegan cheese | pizza (African Bio-Mineral Balance)

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It’s a vegan cheese for pizza, vegan mozzarella, that our mom created before she passed back in May of 2009 and the original recipe is in my book. The ingredients are all from Dr. Sebi’s recommended food list. No nuts are used in this recipe. Non-GMO Non-Hybrid natural foods are what you should choose. The recipe for the pizza can be found on my website listed below. Check out the “What’s Cooking” page.

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10 thoughts on “Coco-Rella | vegan cheese | pizza (African Bio-Mineral Balance)

  1. You are the freak’n bomb. Quite creative. I have your cookbook and this version should be in it as well. Thanks will try.

    1. I have a few other recipes to get uploaded first then I’ll work on that. I’ll do that just because you asked. 🙂

    2. I have a personal recipe for it but nothing has been posted on it. I may share how I make. Be sure to turn on notifications, by clicking the bell next to subscribe.

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