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After receiving many requests for a vegan version of Burger King’s Mac n Cheetos Candice has come up with a truly tasty version that is easy to make and doesn’t require you to compromise your vegan commitment just to enjoy some junk food.


While this does technically fall into the category of junk food the recipe here uses much higher quality ingredients than you’re going to get from Burger King so it’s certainly a healthier alternative.

To make this recipe simply select your personal favorite Vegan Mac n Cheese. There are a lot of different brands out there and many of them are going to be acceptable, of course you’ll want to consider spicing them up a bit as you’re cooking. Simply follow the instructions on the box and make your Mac n Cheese. Candice has opted to add some of her own vegan cheese sauce that she had left over from a previous shoot. This adds an extra layer of thickness and really helps your vegan mac n cheese stay together when you roll it into logs later, needless to say she recommends the addition.

Once you’ve got your Mac n Cheese made let it cool down and put it into the fridge overnight. Candice needed to finish her video as soon as possible so she just put them in for 4 hours. Overnight is recommended because it’s going to help your mac n cheese logs stick together better when their deep fried and also give it a bit of a flavor boost.

Since Cheetos are not an approved vegan food due to the cheese and there didn’t seem to be a suitable replacement available Candice chose to use a bag of vegan cheese flavored Ketel chips. Add them to your food processor and process them until they reach a consistency similar to what you see in the video, you are specifically trying to avoid chunks. You could also alternately simply take a hammer or other large object to the bag and pulverize your chips that way, but please exercise caution. Once you have your ground Ketel chips top them with paprika and a bit of nutritional yeast then mix that all together well giving you a nice orange color.

Using an ice cream scoop to ensure each log is the same size scoop out a portion of vegan Mac n Cheese and roll it into a log as seen in the video. Repeat this process until you have as many logs as you feel like you really need. Next dredge it in your choice of vegan flour in the same way you would anything else you were breading in preparation for deep frying. After you’ve got it covered in flour dip it in egg replacer and the dredge it in the Ketel chip dust. Now, get a baking sheet and line it with parchment paper, put your cheesy nugget logs right on the paper and freeze it for one hour. This is a key step in ensuring your logs stay intact when you deep fry them. Since they don’t have any actual real cheese in them they need a little help.

Heat up your deep flyer to 350′ and fry them 2 at a time for 2 minutes. In the event you have a larger deep fryer than Candice by all means fry more at time but be sure to keep some space between them so they don’t stick together. If you do not have a deep fryer don’t despair. You can use a pot with oil in it heated up just a bit higher and achieve the same effect. You will need to keep a closer eye on them when using this method and cooking time will vary. Once fried take them out and put them on a paper towel lined plate to soak up the excess oil and then enjoy.

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  1. Please be more specific when you show us ur ingredients . Show us how you
    make everything(the cheese you added, and the egg replacer)please.

  2. Bit of a vague request, but it’s tricky to find vegan hot dogs where I live
    in the UK (middle of nowhere). Any chance you have a recipe to make your
    own? Would really appreciate it as the CRAVINGS ARE REAL! Love your
    channel, thanks for all the great recipes xx

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