Easy Vegan Pasta | Easy Student Recipe

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Being Vegan while studying doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. This easy pasta dish is the perfect example of this. You don’t need a lot of ingredients to have a dinner bursting with flavour. Let us know what you think.

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Dave & Steve.

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5 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Pasta | Easy Student Recipe

  1. What were the flakes before the nooch? Just smashed my first serving. The olives are a must if that’s your thing. Delicious as always thanks Dude’s!

  2. Looks delish, dudes. As soon as my tomatoes start coming on, this is sure to be a go-to for me. 🙂
    Quick tip because you guys love those cherry tomatoes in everything: put a bunch of them on the cutting board in a single layer (or a plate for the no-equipment student crowd), lay a plate on top, and slide the knife through the whole lot at once…instant halves without doing them individually.

  3. Love you boys. Thank you.
    All cold in Sydney, more so down the coast of NSW where we go every weekend. This dish will do very nicely for lunch today. 🙂

  4. I just made this with a few minor changes. I forgot to get basil leaves so I used some leftover parsley instead, added some mushrooms. Also added tomato pure and balsamic vinegar, I love the acidity it adds and balanced it out with maple syrup, guess where I learned that 😀 And, changed it to vegetarian with grana padano instead of that yeast. It turned out perfect with a rich taste (even without meat 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

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