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In this episode of The Edgy Veg Candice shows you how to make Vegan Guinness and Bailey’s cupcakes that will have you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in fine style. There is simply no better way to drink your booze and eat your dessert at the same time.

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Guinness itself is not a vegan beer, however any other dark stout beer that you prefer that is vegan will do just fine. To find out if your beer of choice is vegan or not simply head over to and type in the name of the beer in question and it will tell you.

To make these epic St. Patrick’s Day themed cupcakes you are going to start by pouring your beer into a saucepan along with some vegetable oil and heat it up until its boiling. Once you have it boiling add in cocoa powder and whisk it all together removing it from the heat altogether and then set it aside. Now you are going to mix up your dry ingredients.

You will add 1 cup of flour to a mixing bowl along with 1 cup of sugar, 3/4 tsp of baking soda, 1/2 tsp of baking powder and a 1/4 tsp of salt. I think you know what comes next, it’s time to whisk that all together as well and then set it aside.

Moving right along you need to get your wet ingredients together. Add 1 tsp of flax to a mixing bowl along with 3 tsp of water and let it sit for about 5 minutes or until it becomes gelatinous. Add in 1/3 cup of coconut yogurt, or any other flavor of yogurt you prefer, and then mix this all together well. A stand mixer is the ideal way to go for mixing any of your wet ingredients but you can certainly get the job done with a hand mixer. When that is thoroughly mixed add in the chocolate, beer, and oil concoction that you made earlier. You will give this all another mix until you reach a consistency similar to what you see in the video.

Now that your wet ingredients are ready to go it’s time to add in your dry ingredients. Simply pour your bowl of dry ingredients right into the bowl of wet ingredients and whisk that all together. When it comes to baking you can always expect a lot of whisking and this recipe is certainly no exception. The bonus to having a stand mixer is scenarios like this is that it makes the whisking effortless. When you’re done whisking you now have your batter and Candice recommends taste testing it to make sure it meets your standards.

Get out your cupcake pan and put your cupcake liners in it then carefully fill each liner 3/4 of the way full with your batter as they are going to rise and you will want to have a little extra room. Bake them at 350′ for 22 minutes. While these cupcakes are baking you are going to make your frosting. What kind of cupcakes would these be without frosting?

To create your frosting add 1/2 cup of room temperature vegan butter to a mixing bowl and whisk it lightly. To that you will add 3 cups of confectioners’ sugar in half cup intervals whisking a bit between each one. Your next step will be to add 3 tbsp of Vegan Bailey’s Irish Cream. You can pick up Vegan Bailey’s at your local grocery store or make your own following one of Candice’s recipes you can find a link for below. Once you have that added whisk this all together well. You’ll know it’s time to stop whisking when your ingredients strongly resemble a nice white fluffy frosting. Fill a pastry tube with your frosting and refrigerate until your cupcakes are done.

When your cupcakes are done pull them out and let them cool for a minimum of 1 hour. It is of crucial importance that your cupcakes are cool to the touch or your frosting will melt when you put it on them leaving a huge ugly mess. Once your cupcakes have properly cooled decorate them as you see fit. Candice’s swirl method is definitely a good way to go but these are after all your cupcakes so feel free to decorate them with frosting in any way you like. When you’re done throw some shamrock candy on top to really cement that St. Patrick’s Day vibe.

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  1. Guinness is not vegan. It is made with Isinglass (a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish) to help filter the beer

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