Healthy One-Pot Dinner Recipes! Pizza Pasta, Taco Quinoa, + BONUS Recipe! – Mind Over Munch

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Make dinner quick & easy! Here are 3 ONE-POT meals, including pastas and quinoa! Delicious, healthy and budget-friendly!
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19 thoughts on “Healthy One-Pot Dinner Recipes! Pizza Pasta, Taco Quinoa, + BONUS Recipe! – Mind Over Munch

  1. Just want to let you know… I’ve probably watched 1-2 videos per day for the last two weeks straight. Your videos are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for – educational (backed by science and not trends), honest, and non-judgmental. I’ve been eating the garlic chicken rice bowl for the last week and I love it. I’m seriously addicted to your channel – thanks so much for creating really high quality, informative content!

    1. That’s so funny. That was my meal for the week as well too 😭 The previous week was the avocado chicken salad. I’m looking for this weeks meal prep.

    2. That is SO amazing, thank you! I can’t tell you how much that feedback means to me, and I am so very glad you’re finding the channel helpful and enjoyable! Lucky to have you in this community 🙂

  2. Healthy lunch recipes healty pasta recipes healthy dinner recipes healthy snack recipes Can u please share a Healthy brain recipe people need that so much

  3. One pot pasta tip: Breaking the noodles in half ensures that none stick or clump together (as long as you are also stirring). also has a ton of really good one pot recipes!

  4. Do you buy or male your veggie broth? I use better than bouillon but it’s so salty and I have to watch my sodium intake. Btw, I am going to make the veggie spaghetti after I go grocery shopping. Thanks for the great information again. I love your channel!

    1. Mind Over Munch Thank you so much, you’re the best. Btw, your intro to this video is 😂. I can tell I will love it. I just hope I don’t eat too much. The fibrous veggies should help curb that though.

    1. My pleasure! I get my turkey pepperoni at my local grocery store, Ralph’s! It’s usually near the deli meat and cheese section 🙂

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