Kids Cooking Healthy : No Bake VEGAN Cookie Dough

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These simple No Bake VEGAN Cookie Dough Balls are also considered paleo and Free of white sugar, but your kids will never know the difference! For more Kids Cooking Healthy Videos head on over to .
I hope you have fun making these with your crew!


2 tbs coconut milk ( full fat)
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 .5 cup almond flour
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbs maple syrup (more to taste)
1 c chocolate chips

Here are a few options of “Healthier” Chocolate Chips


Combine all wet ingredients and mix thoroughly

Add in almond flour and mix til dough forms

Add Chocolate Chips

Roll into Balls and Chill for 20 minutes


Anything NO BAKE is a huge win when you want to get your kids in the kitchen with you. Basically, if you lay out the ingredents , they can make them on their own! These Cookie Dough Balls dont contain any harmful raw ingredients so you can just let your kids have at it! My Kids LOVE cooking , especially when I let them take the reigns. Even my two year old loves to mix and dump. Kids Cooking is kind of like a science experiment/memory maker. I also love this Cookie Dough Recipe because its Vegan & Paleo! 2 for 1, which means its free of any inflammatory ingredients including processed sugar and bleached flours. These are actually healthy treats for kids , full of protein and good fat. The best part is that they will not even know the difference. Im amazed at how many kids healthy dessert recipes are yet to be discovered. I let my kids indulge often, but when we are at home its just so wonderful to be able to make a super exciting treat into a super healthy treat. I hope you follow along on our journey . My goal is to just hopefully inspire you to get in there and get messy with your kids in the kitchen, using Super Simple Healthy Recipes your whole family will enjoy. Don’t shy away from the world paleo, it can be overused and kind of annoying but it just means cleaner ingredients! I am on the hunt to find you the Best Paleo Recipes for Kids and The Most Simple Recipes For Kids so you can get them in the kitchen with you Today!

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