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How to make Vietnamese iced coffee (cafe da) with vegan condensed milk (Vietnamese summer drink 2 of 3). Here is another delicious drink to beat the summer heat. The small metal Vietnamese drip filter is an inexpensive and very effective tool for making the coffee. Please note since the vegan condensed milk uses coconut manna and it’s an iced drink, you’ll notice the oil separation. Simply stir and enjoy! Hope you give this drink recipe a try!

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Vegan condensed milk:
30g raw cashews (soak 3 hrs)
25g plain unsweetened almond milk
35g maple syrup
30g coconut manna (coconut butter)

Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth.

Dark roast ground coffee of your choice. If using small metal Vietnamese drip filter, coffee should be coarse so not to fall through the holes. Also adjust coffee amount and tightness of damper to get a somewhat slower drip.

Combine coffee with vegan condensed milk (to taste). Serve with ice and enjoy!

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Music: “New Day” by LAKEY INSPIRED

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