No Bake VEGAN Stawberry Cheesecake for Valentinen’s Day! Easy, fast and delicious

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OMG, this cake is just PERFECT! It is so easy to make, and so good! You have to try it for this year’s Valentine’s!


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12 thoughts on “No Bake VEGAN Stawberry Cheesecake for Valentinen’s Day! Easy, fast and delicious

  1. My husband is allergic to nuts so this will be perfect 🙂 Thank you for the
    I enjoyed the first 2 videos and I can’t wait to see more <3

  2. Alina this looks AMAZING! Could you please provide the written
    ingredients/recipe for us to follow? Great job on your new channel! I’m
    loving it!

  3. Where do you find a pan like that? When you show a package and no wording
    on the bottom, it goes a little fast and I can’t catch what ingredient it
    is or how to substitute in America. How many strawberries did you wind up

    1. Yes, I will definitely make a Hummus recipe 🙂 I don’t think I will do
      things that are not connected with food. I don’t want to vlog my life,
      I want this channel to be around food. I will make videos about
      restaurants and great places to eat for travelers etc but I don’t think I
      will talk about non-food related subjects.
      Maybe I will make some sugar-free things if there will be a demand for it.

    2. I got it now. Thank you. I just realized after you show an ingredient, you
      state what it is and how much as you put in Bowl. I’m so excited you
      started utubing. Can you show us how to make hummus and tahini as well? And
      somewhere inbetween what it’s like living and growing up in Israel? Is the
      education and medical system free there? Are there homeless and soup
      kitchens in Israel? Does Israel have uber and airbnb? Is it true every
      citizen serves time in the military? I guess just incorporating the vegan
      recipes with the culture and what is israel like. Also do you make anything
      sugarfree for diabetics?

    3. Hi Rita, do you mean the biscuits? That shows at the beginning? It is
      just basic plain sweet biscuits, you need 100-110 grams 🙂

    4. The Vegan Island whatever is before the vanilla pudding and the jello you
      put on strawberries. Thank you for responding to your audience. I’ve never
      had a utuber actually answer my question before. It feels good to know your
      comments are getting read.

    5. Hi Rita, it’s a basic non-stick pan (mine has a Granit coating). Which one
      of the ingredients you did not understand?
      I used about 9 strawberrries + 1 whole one.

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