Simple Vegan Flatbread簡単に作るフラットブレッド

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A quick and easy flatbread you can literally makes in minutes! Light, fluffy and perfect for any dipping situation. Fill with Mexican beans to make a wrap, colorful salads, with curries, or use as a thin pizza crust. Yum!

Recipe by Lillian Cumic

Makes about 10

4 cups (600g) plain flour
2 Tsp salt
2 Tbs Grapeseed Oil (or oil of your choice)
2 cups (400ml) boiling hot water

*Please use the flour of your choice. Rye and wholemeal also work.
*They freeze well and don’t stick together.
*Make a lot because they will disappear fast!!
*Vegan Mozzarella recipe for the pizza

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