Vegan Cheese Burger Pizza | Summer Storm

Hello my beautiful, sexy human bean friends! Today you get to learn how to make my cheese burger pizza.... wow, you're welcome. The most delicious trash you will ever eat, lol. PIZZA DOUGH RECIPE INGREDIENTS: -1 c warm water -1 tbsp organic cane sugar -1.5 tsp active dry yeast -2.5 c all purpose flour -1.5 tsp

Vegan Pizza Burgers 🍕

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Vegan Pizza Made Easy

What's up VOBs? Here's how I made a simple and affordable pizza with ingredients from Trader Joe's (non-sponsored). Many of these ingredients like the cheese can be found at Stop & Shop and other supermarkets in the US. I hope you like this video. Instagram - vegan_on_a_budget_ Budget List Dough-1.19 Sauce-2.00 Onion-69C Pineapple-1.00 Cheese 3.99 Total