Easy vegan bakewell mug cake

Easy to make, individual portion cherry and almond cake. No need for an oven, just a microwave! Perfect for when you want cake and want it now. Completely vegan too!

vegan chocbanana mug cake

Another easy vegan recipe. Chocolate and banana are a perfect combo in this microwave mug cake recipe

Tofu Cheesecake vegan recipe

Hello! This recipe for a lean cake seems very simple, but there are a few nuances that can greatly affect the final result. First is the quality and taste of the original ingredients. In particular, tofu. Different manufacturers have different texture, moisture, taste and aroma of tofu! Secondly, the quality of thickeners.

The Best Vegan Chocolate Cake – Loving It Vegan

The Best Vegan Chocolate Cake - Loving It Vegan. The best vegan chocolate cake topped with the richest silkiest vegan chocolate buttercream frosting. Perfectly moist and totally decadent. For the full recipe visit: Find more delicious vegan recipes here:

Raw vegan white chocolate lemon cakes – Valentine’s day cake

First video I film and edit myself, it took over a year for me to figure this shit out lol. This raw vegan white choc lemon-charcoal cake video is for depressed single people who hate valentine’s day just as much as I do. So I’m gonna show you guys how

Vegan Banana Cake – Loving It Vegan

Vegan Banana Cake - Loving It Vegan. Perfectly moist, light and fluffy vegan banana cake loaded with banana flavor and topped with a delicious lemon frosting. A simple vegan recipe with a perfect result. For the full recipe visit: Find more delicious vegan recipes here:

Recipe: Sweet Potato Vanilla Caramel Cake [Gluten Free, Raw Vegan]

Sweet potato lovers! This delicious mousse cake 🍰 has chocolaty-nutty base and vanillary-caramelly filling with dark chocolate drizzle Cake base * Walnut * Hazelnut meal * Dates * Vanilla * Salt * Cacao * Soaked almond * Cinnamon Vanilla sweet potato mousse filling * Sweet potato purée * Vanilla * Dates * Tahini * Cinnamon * Coconut


Oven: 175F / 350F 1,5 dl / 0,6 cup of chickpea water 2 dl / 0,8 cup sugar 0.5 dl / 0.2 cup oil 3 dl flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 3 dl / 1,2 cup flour Optional: a pinch of salt, vanilla powder, other things you’re into) Bake for 40 min ► Music Credit: LAKEY INSPIRED Track Name: "Memories