Vegan Almond Pulp Chocolate Cookies 杏仁渣巧克力餅乾(純素食,無奶蛋)

Recipe/食譜 → Yield: about 16 cookies Prep time: 30 minutes Bake time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 1&½ cup rolled oats 1 tsp baking podwer ¼ tsp cinnamon ¼ tsp salt 1 cup almond pulp ¼ cup almond milk ¼ cup sugar 1 tsp vanilla 3 Tbsp coconut oil 1 cup chocolate chips Directions: 1. Add ½ cup rolled oats to a blender, then blend the oats

Spicy Black Bean Vegan Pizza Recipe

This pizza is not only super tasty, but is loaded with delicious fresh vegetables and a flavorful protein-rich black bean dip. Pizza is always a great way to make a healthy meal fun. Somehow just putting vegetables and bean dip in the form of a pizza and baking it makes it

VEGAN STUFFED CRUST PIZZA | Vegan Pizza Hut Recipe | The Edgy Veg

Make the Pizza Huts famous stuffed crust pizza vegan! This vegan stuffed crust pizza recipe is the best vegan pizza I've had yet. Do you want more vegan Pizza Hut copycat recipes? Let us know in the comment section below. GET THE RECIPE: LIVE ON MAY 3 BUY OUR COOKBOOK: SUPPORT

Cake with fruit – easy, vegan, low fat + calories

Ingredients: flour: 300g / 10,5 oz powdered sugar: 120g / 4,2 oz baking powder: 6g / 0,21 oz oil: 30g / 1 oz +1 tsp soy milk: 300ml / 1,26 cups canned or fresh fruit (canned blueberries) Calories and macros per 100g: energy: 253 kcal protein: 5,3 g carbs: 46 g fats: 5,2 g

Chocolate cake!||vegan, delicious, rich

Ingredients: 1 cup cacao powder 1/3 cup chocolate spread or nut butter 2/3 cup coconut sugar 3 bananas 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda Vegan chocolate chips(however much you want) 1 cup chocolate plant milk(or vanilla if you don’t like it too chocolaty) I forgot to show this in the video but I added about a

OUR WEDDING | Our Vegan Wedding | The Edgy Veg

This is our chic vegan wedding. Every aspect of this surrealist unconventional wedding was designed and handpicked by us to be exactly what we wanted. We are so grateful to everyone involved to make this the special day it was. I hope you enjoy watching our special day. BUY OUR COOKBOOK:

Q&A: How to plan a Vegan Wedding | The Edgy Veg

Today we are going to answer all of your burning questions about our 100% vegan wedding! We will be answering question on how we planned it, what it cost, and what went down on our big day. See you soon! All-in-one wedding planner template: