Vegan Chocolate Vanilla Layer Cake | Coconut Cream Cake | Vegan Cake

✅ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ✅ Vegan Chocolate Vanilla Layer Cake Here is a very simple to make Vegan cake recipe which will delight many because it is delicious, tasty and made without any dairy or eggs. Using premix cake cut our time-consuming preparation and the mix contains all the

Banana Sponge Cake | Egg-less Sponge Cake | Vegan Banana Cake

✅ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE it will be much appreciated ✅ -... Banana Eggless Sponge Cake recipe was perfected after a few trial and error. Finally with the egg replacer - apple-gum-sauce was created to bond the cake ingredient together like an egg. The cake itself is very soft and so

Coffee Toffee Cream Cake

One month into fall and although pumpkin and apple desserts are divine, i needed my chocolate and coffee fix! Kahlua cream coffee cake! CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE CLICK HERE FOR VEGAN BAKING MASTERY CLICK HERE FOR THE PLANT BASED EGG CHECK ME OUT ON PATREON SUPPORT ME ON PAYPAL Check