Tawa Pizza – Veg Pizza – Pizza on pane

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There are various types of pizza you can find in pizza shop.

Here I am presenting one of Veg Pizza on Tawa (Pane).

Veg pizza is a variant of pizza.

Here I am presenting how to make Veg. pizza on a pane (Bread pizza on tawa).
Not all the people have a own so I am showing here How to make bread pizza on a pane / tawa.
Ingredients :

– Pizza Base (Pizza Bread)
– Cheese
– Pizza Sauce
– Tomato ketchup
– Oregano
– Chili flex
– Capsicum
– Corn
– Onion

Recipe :

– Take Pizza Bread and Apply pizza sauce on it.
– Add topping of Capsicum , Onion and Corn on pizza bread .
– Now spread some cheese on pizza bread.
– Also sprinkle chili flex and oregano on the pizza bread.
– Turn on the stove and hit the pane.
– Now put Pizza bread with topping into pan and hit on medium flame.
– Cover pizza for around 5-10 minute until cheese get melted.
– Uncover pizza and check cheese is melt properly, if not melt than wait until cheese is melt.
– Now Take Pizza on serving plate and your yummy pizza is ready to serve.
– Serve with Tomato sauce (Tomato ketchup).


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