Vegan Brownie Recipe

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This week I wanted to share something sweeter with you. I have never been much of a sweet tooth, but the concept of making dessert out of avocados and beans got me intrigued.

Turns out its easy, delicious and healthy?

Probably not the healthiest thing ever. Especially with the addition of coconut oil, but either way. Give it a try!

Music by :
Graham Moes

Instagram : vegandiverkatt

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4 thoughts on “Vegan Brownie Recipe

  1. This looks mouth watering!! I have yet to experiment with avocado in my desserts but I’ve heard it works really nicely! Definitely need to try this recipe for sure! xo

    1. Vegan Heaven this is a super easy and adaptable recipe. 🙂 I’m not a great baker and every time they work out delicious!

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