Vegan Coffee Cake | Vegan Baking

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Check out this amazing coffee cake, it’s delicious and healthier than a regular coffee cake. It has a date icing filled with fibre to help slow down the release of the sugars. This cake a is a beast and great to share with friends and family.

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5 thoughts on “Vegan Coffee Cake | Vegan Baking

  1. Ooooh this looks amazing! Such weird timing too as I was just looking for a coffee cake recipe a couple of days ago…

  2. This looks really good, and I am definitely looking forwards to at least making the icing, but, and I hate to say this because I am not some NO OIL zealot: but 1 cup of oil is an awful lot for a cake.

    Can you maybe do half water and half oil?

    Anyone have any ideas, or want to share what they do for recipes that have oil in them and they don’t want to use that much?

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