VEGAN MUKBANG | Pizza + Cheezecake with my Sister!

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Questions (Time Stamps):
2:45 – When/why did you go vegan?
9:12 – What was the hardest part about going vegan? And do you think being vegan is hard?
13:44 – What is your opinion on meat and dairy alternatives?
15:17 – How do you deal with people being close minded about your lifestyle?
18:47 – What is your favourite vegan dish?
22:17 – Do you let things “slide” from time to time?
25:57 – Do you miss any animal foods? Do you ever crave any animal foods?

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6 thoughts on “VEGAN MUKBANG | Pizza + Cheezecake with my Sister!

  1. I moved to Tasmania 2 and a half years ago and I’ve been vegetarian/vegan since I was born 26 years ago. I’m from Brisbane and being vegetarian/vegan isn’t weird there… like it’s not a big deal. But omg… when I moved to Launceston and people found out I was vegan (I’m not the preachy kind either) they judged me so hard and it was the constant talking point at Uni. I hated it. Like, I shouldn’t be the one that’s judged when I’m the one making the good decision. I find that people project their guilt….

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