VEGAN ROYAL ICING RECIPE featuring meringueshop’s egg free meringue powder!

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This video is sponsored by meringueshop.

meringueshop’s egg-free meringue powder is not only vegan, but it’s made with organic ingredients such as raw cane sugar and aquafaba broth (from slow-simmered chickpeas). You can find it here at
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Vegan Royal Icing Recipe:
makes about 2 cups of royal icing, good for about two dozen cookies
1.6oz (45g) meringue powder
3 oz (82g) water
1 lb (453g) confectioner’s sugar
flavoring and/or coloring (optional)

Stand mixer with whisk attachment
Kitchen scale
Rubber spatula
Flavoring and food coloring (optional)

1) Place meringue powder and water into the mixing bowl with a whisk attachment.
2) Stir slowly to dissolve, then let the mixture sit for 10 minutes to thicken slightly.
3) Add the confectioners sugar and beat on medium-high speed (speed 7 or 8) for 10 minutes.
4) Allow the icing to rest for another 10 minutes to thicken. The longer the icing sits, the thicker it will be.
5) Color and thin the icing to the desired consistency, or use it as stiff consistency for techniques such as piping roses and brush embroidery.
6) Store the icing in an air-tight container with a piece of plastic wrap directly on the surface of the icing. You can keep it in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.

If you’re adding flavoring, keep in mind that the icing already has a tart taste due to the citric acid in the meringue powder. I would use either vanilla or almond, but steer clear of lemon. Add the flavor before beating the icing.
If you’re adding color, use a concentrated gel paste or liquid. Even a few too many drops of color can thin your icing too much, so it’s best to use as little as possible (if your icing does become too thin, meringueshop recommends adding a tablespoon of the meringue powder and beating the icing until it thickens).
This royal icing can be used the same way you would use conventional royal icing, but it is a bit different in some ways. The icing becomes very thick when it sits overnight, so you might be tempted to add more water to thin it out. Instead of adding more water, I recommend that you put the icing back on the mixer with a paddle (rather than the whisk) to loosen it up before using it. If you add water to it, it might feel okay at first, but it won’t hold its shape as you pipe (this is especially true for stiff consistency icing).
Make sure to allow the base layer of icing to dry 6-8 hours before adding more decorations  (this is true of conventional royal icing, as well).
Find more information and royal icing tips in this User’s Guide from meringue shop:

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